2017 Post

2017-01-08 13:54:32 by Jonarock

It's 2017 babyyyy woooo yeah party my man! Anyways, there's a new cartoon out created by me and @MikePicone so give it a watch here:


My goal for this year is to get at least one cartoon out a month that I contributed to or made myself. Let's see how this goes and thank you to those who follow me here on newgrounds for sticking around. :)

Wow! Clocks!

2016-08-15 01:10:51 by Jonarock

Check out this new cartoon for clock day! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/679512


Oooo! Shiny!

Shorty and Tally!

2016-05-16 18:16:23 by Jonarock

So not much in this new post for this week, except for the new series! The first episode came out yesterday with @LulPai doing the animation with me doing the voice acting and sound design. A new one is in production right now! Here's a little pic:


If you haven't seen the "pilot" here you go!