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TWO. WHOLE. YEARS! Last news post I made, it was early 2018 I was preemptively promoting a cartoon I was working on and, surprise surprise, I didn't finish it (don't worry it wasn't that funny anyways). Pretty typical of me at the time! Since then I have grown to be a lot more insightful... u_u. Now, regularly, I'm never too interested in projecting my thoughts publicly out of fear that I'm just spouting a dumber version of what someone else said more eloquently, but I feel like I can be candid here because Newgrounds still holds a soft spot in my heart. Originally I was going to make a news post after the release of Gentles, but I.... forgot... to do that. I think I was just concerned with what I was gonna talk about and how I was going to do it until I went on to do other things. Here we are almost 4 months later!

(watch gentles b4 reading this. PLZZ!)

So earlier this year, a few pals and I got together and made a cartoon for the Pet Animation Jam. At first, making a cartoon for it seemed so natural to me, but in retrospect I have no idea what prompted me to wanna make something for that jam. Was it for fun? for the experience?? for the money??? God, I really hope it wasn't that last one! Regardless, it was definitely a super fun and crazy ride. As I mentioned earlier I was going to make a news post about the cartoon about a week after it was released and I'm pretty sure I planned to talk about the reception so... honestly big thanks to the people out there that left reviews, especially the ones who wrote those massive critical reviews. I don't think any of us thought we would get that much reception (which is not to say that we didn't try our best to make the cartoon good) and as much as I didn't want to care about NUMBERS™ the remnants of my 13 y/o self was freaking out about how the rating was high and how THIS person left a review and how THAT person favorited it. That's the stuff I literally dreamed of when I first started using newgrounds as a naive, wishful kid. Despite this, my "ADULT" brain took over pretty quickly and I went back to reading reviews instead of looking at how the star rating would shift by .01 randomly. This section basically boils down to "THANK YOU. WE WERE QUIET, BUT THANK YOU.", but I also want to mention that it was a good learning experience because if I worked on it now, I would probably do a lot of things differently and I'm sure Jaq, Dylan, Chris, and Mike probably would too. We've grown! 4 months makes a lot of difference, which leads me into the next section!

Okay, I'm going to talk about me now! ...or at least my newfound outlook on the world.

ok after writing a bunch of paragraphs here about my "newfound outlook on the world." i deleted them because i cannot, in good faith, talk about x, y, and z while i know there are a bunch of other people saying it but a lot better! sorry!

I intended for this to be my last news post, but honestly I might write one in the future every once in a blue moon. It's a pretty fun writing exercise, and who knows... maybe I'll actually say something profound next time!

TL;DR - No c'mon you gotta read it.